CHOPS AT LARGE: Chopsy goes to MONA

I spent the week in Hobart, so this edition of Chops At Home is bought to you by Tasmania, Australia’s island state. The trip was entirely pleasant (although far less eventful than my previous visit).

I undertook my maiden voyage to MONA, Hobart’s premier tourist attraction (since the nightclub with the slide is sadly no longer in operation). And I loved it, loved it, loved it. A friend of mine who is knowledgeable about such things said “Chops, if the Guggenheim were to open in Australia, it would not be disssimilar to MONA”.

MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) entirely exists to showcase the private collection, and accordingly personal tastes, of filthy rich mathematical genius owner/curator David Walsh. A frequent criticism of the collection is that its focus is largely on sex and death (true) and that this amounts to a great deal of publicity for the gallery (perhaps true) and that the collection is gratuitously shocking (untrue) therefore lacks substance (complete fallacy).

One of my favourite works is in the downstairs loo, third on the right (make note if you’re planning a visit). The toilet bowl is mirrored and reflects to a screen in front of the viewer, so that one is subjected to an eye-opening view, not seen since one last cast an eye over a page of letters to Dolly Doctor.  I also saw a huge collection of plaster vaginas, and rounded off the night with a double episode of Embarrassing Bodies, just in case I hadn’t seen enough fannies that day.

That night I got a text message from my lovely mother. It said “hope you weren’t frightened by all the vags.” 

That’s right, vags. As in vag plural.

Love you mum! And no, I’m not frightened of vulvas. Just so you know.

Another special mention must go to Julia DeVille’s taxidermied kitten.

I mean, this was just TOO CUTE. It was next to a little mummified cat’s head. Regular readers of Chops At Home will be aware that I am not fond of cats. However, I will make exceptions for preserved, dead ones.

One thought on “CHOPS AT LARGE: Chopsy goes to MONA

  1. Kenneth says:

    I always wanted a moggy rug like that. An obviously fake plush cat squooshed though, not a previously alive one.

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