I skyped the Chops household last night, as my Dad and nephew share a birthday. 75 years between them! It was great to chat to them, even though I was disappointed to miss out on the family tradition of a box of Cadbury Roses and being berated for taking too long to make a selection. “You don’t look at the bloody KEY, love! Just pick one! Fer CHRISSAKE.”

I was somewhat unsurprised to learn that Fatherchops been practising his crossbow skills in the backyard with our next door neighbour, who is approximately 86 years old, and, I expect, legally blind.

You just cannot make this shit up.


One thought on “WTF DAD

  1. Lou says:

    You are going to be just fine when the apocalypse comes. I bet he stockpiles canned food too. What a man!

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