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CHOP LESSONS: Things I learned this week (Part 4 in a series)

It’s been a good week for Ms Mindy Chops. I returned triumphantly from Golden Plains after having had probably my best time yet in The Meredith Supernatural amphitheatre. It was, I think, my eighth visit, and gee whiz it was a belter.

I must tell you first about the high-functioning idiots we were camping next door to. Continue reading

CHOP LESSONS: Things I learned these past coupla weeks (Part 3 in a series)

1. It’s much easier to get divorced in Islam and frankly I suspect this is for the best.

I’ve just finished reading Jeffrey Eugenides The Marriage Plot and you know, I quite liked it. Unfortunately, many of my favourite authors write one or two AMAZING books (Siri Hustvedt, I’m staring directly at you) and a bunch of so-so novels too. Having absolutely adored Eugenides’ first two novels, the sublime Virgin Suicides and the gorgeously, intricately plotter Middlesex, I had high hopes for The Marriage Plot but it fell a little flat. Still an enjoyable read.

Anyway, I did learn a bunch of things in this book which is the pleasing side effect of being a fiction reader (as opposed to the singular purpose of non-fiction I suppose.)

One of the things I learned that apparently all that is required for divorce under certain Islamic practice is for the husband to say to the wife three times (just to be sure): I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee. 

This really got me thinking. Continue reading

CHOP LESSONS: Things I learned this week (Part 2 in a series)

Learned a few new things this week. Here they are.

1. Bryan Adams, you have so much to offer! 

Sometimes iTunes shuffle just does not do it for me. Of some 2800 songs on my portable mp3 playing device, I seem to feel ambivalent towards approximately 2500 of them. So sometimes I like to listen to them in alphabetical order. This is what it threw up yesterday: Continue reading