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I skyped the Chops household last night, as my Dad and nephew share a birthday. 75 years between them! It was great to chat to them, even though I was disappointed to miss out on the family tradition of a box of Cadbury Roses and being berated for taking too long to make a selection. “You don’t look at the bloody KEY, love! Just pick one! Fer CHRISSAKE.”

I was somewhat unsurprised to learn that Fatherchops been practising his crossbow skills in the backyard with our next door neighbour, who is approximately 86 years old, and, I expect, legally blind.

You just cannot make this shit up.


In Conversation: A Chops Family Christmas


“Fear my wrath.”

“Fear my Philip Roth.”

“Fear my Philip K. Dick.”

“Fear my dick.”

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What we reckon: Part 9 in a series (Hawthorn Hawks)

What Chops reckons:

Hawthorn shit me.

This one time, me and a bunch of ladyfriends (mainly Dockers supporters, with an errant Hawk and a one-eyed Pie in our number) decided to have a girls’ weekend down in Launceston (hereafter referred to as LOLceston) and watch the mighty Freo Dockers take on the Poo and Wees. We figured it would be a laugh. Continue reading

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On This Day: 18 August 2011

One of Chops’s favourite ways to enjoy the passage of time is by listening to Stew Farrell and Leapin’ Larry L on 3RRR’s All Over the Shop program. Especially when they put on a posh voice for ON THIS DAY and recount historical events. If you have not heard it you should deffo get the podcasts because they even come with fart noises. HILARIOUS.

Thus inspired, I am going to start my own record of events, so that on future 18ths of August I can recall special memories. Continue reading