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CHOPS AT LARGE: Chopsy goes to MONA

I spent the week in Hobart, so this edition of Chops At Home is bought to you by Tasmania, Australia’s island state. The trip was entirely pleasant (although far less eventful than my previous visit).

I undertook my maiden voyage to MONA, Hobart’s premier tourist attraction (since the nightclub with the slide is sadly no longer in operation). And I loved it, loved it, loved it. A friend of mine who is knowledgeable about such things said “Chops, if the Guggenheim were to open in Australia, it would not be disssimilar to MONA”. Continue reading

CHOPS AT LARGE: The last time I went to Hobart

The last time I went to Hobart was in 2008.

I went down with my mate SS after procuring $9.95 fares from Tiger Airways soon after Tiger came into operation. SS and I figured “why not? It’s ten bucks and it’ll be a laugh.” We had heard many tales of beautiful scenery, excellent wines, fresh fish and chips, and a legendary (though sadly defunct) nightclub that had a slippery dip to take you between levels. Continue reading