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What we reckon: Part 13 in a series (Richmond Tigers Football Club)

Friends, I am very touched that so many of you have contacted me to see how I am coping with the fallout from the bloody coup in which Mark Harvey was ruthlessly assassinated last week. Much has been said about this event, a dark day in Fremantle’s club history. All I can say is this: it is indicative of my grief that I was too upset to leave my bedroom and watch the Footy Show.

I don’t have anything against Ross Lyon per se (apart from the fact that he always looks so sad.)

I just really really like Mark Harvey. I thought he did a good job this year despite the club being wracked with injuries. He gave heaps of kids a run on the paddock and built a solid list for future success. I think it was pretty short-sighted, not to mention entirely devoid of integrity, for the Board to sack Harvey under such circumstances.

Furthermore, if people cared about premierships above all else they probably wouldn’t support the Dockers. There. I said it.

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