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What we reckon: Part 5 in a series (Essendon Bombers)

What Chops reckons: 

OK! Essendon. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Bombers because Fremantle seems to get all their dregs. Like Adam ‘Skeletor’ McPhee and Mark Harvey. While I’m a bit lukewarm on McPhee at times (although I do believe him to be the AFL’s most talented albino), MARK HARVEY IS A TALL DRINK OF DIET COKE IF I EVER SAW ONE.

There is a bit of a tradition of Essendon swoondogs, it must be said. The Chops family matriarch just LOVES James Hird and always has and likely always will. She was delighted when he took on the coaching position at Essendon because it meant he would likely be on the telly a lot more. Continue reading