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Some things you could buy me, if you felt like it.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it is seasonally appropriate that the internet gets saturated with:
  • horrible craft ideas from twentysomething tattooed crocheting cupcake-makers, and/or
  • vitriolic sprayings from single feminists, and/or
  • tired, played-out articles in popular press about the commercialisation of the occasion.
I don’t want to get all ranty (don’t encouarge me) but given that V-Day does in fact encourage consumption, here is a list of things I would quite like as a gift if anyone would like to surprise me. My birthday is not until September and that seems very far away. Continue reading

What we reckon: Part 15 in a series (Sydney Swans)

What Chops reckons:

I haven’t ever heard the Sydney song , so while I ruminate over its worth, I will offer a review of Brett Kirk.

Dear Brett,

I have to admit, Brett, I had dismissed you as a bit of a tanned Sydney deadshit until I was recently sitting at home in my glorious mustard velvet armchair, passively watching telly with my housemate and her mum, when we stumbled across Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey on the ABC. My housemate is nursing a broken shoulder from an acquired ice-skating date injury, so she knows what it is like to suffer from the pain of professional athleticism. Continue reading