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Dogs do the grossest things



Johno: dad

Lucky: dog

Dan: nephew (10)

A SPECIAL PLEA FROM CHOPS: Please invite me to your weddings, parties, anything

I am basking in a post-wedding glow after attending the world’s loveliest event on the weekend – that of my dear friend and IMHO Melbourne’s most fabulous and exciting designer-maker-deadset-legend Miss Emily Green and her long-time sidekick Mr T (also a deadset legend).  I mean, just LOOK AT THIS!!!

I ADORE going to weddings. I am forever saying insensitive things to my shacked-up pals about how maybe they should think about putting a ring on it.

Here are some things I love about weddings. Continue reading

In Conversation: A Chops Family Christmas


“Fear my wrath.”

“Fear my Philip Roth.”

“Fear my Philip K. Dick.”

“Fear my dick.”

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