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What we reckon – Part 1 in a series (Adelaide Crows)

Look, I didn’t want to say anything but I really do love each and every one of the AFL club songs. An unusual viewpoint, perhaps, because everyone thinks their club’s theme song is the best. This is particularly pertinent when you follow a boutique club like Fremantle (for the discerning football follower.)

I just love the team songs. Even when the Dockers lose, I am not quite so bothered if it means I get the opportunity to sing a shit-hot team song. I can’t really do that in public without resembling a common turncoat, but I will mumble it a bit under my breath. Even Collingwood, whom I unilaterally detest – I don’t mind singing their song. I’d kill myself before putting on Joffa’s gold jacket or meeting Mick Malthouse’s eye, but I don’t mind the song. Maybe I just really love public singing (actually I definitely love this).

Despite my general fondness for camaraderie and shouting out loud, it is a truth universally acknowledged that not all club songs are created equal. And, because I truly excel at having opinions, I thought I might review each of the club songs and tell you What I Reckon. In the spirit of fairness and impartiality, I have asked the inimitable K of Miss Soft Crab to provide an alternative viewpoint to my own. We’ll be reviewing each club song in alphabetical order, starting with the Adelaide Crows. So here, my friends, is What We Reckon: Part 1.  Continue reading