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CHOP LESSONS: Things I learned these past coupla weeks (Part 3 in a series)

1. It’s much easier to get divorced in Islam and frankly I suspect this is for the best.

I’ve just finished reading Jeffrey Eugenides The Marriage Plot and you know, I quite liked it. Unfortunately, many of my favourite authors write one or two AMAZING books (Siri Hustvedt, I’m staring directly at you) and a bunch of so-so novels too. Having absolutely adored Eugenides’ first two novels, the sublime Virgin Suicides and the gorgeously, intricately plotter Middlesex, I had high hopes for The Marriage Plot but it fell a little flat. Still an enjoyable read.

Anyway, I did learn a bunch of things in this book which is the pleasing side effect of being a fiction reader (as opposed to the singular purpose of non-fiction I suppose.)

One of the things I learned that apparently all that is required for divorce under certain Islamic practice is for the husband to say to the wife three times (just to be sure): I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee. 

This really got me thinking. Continue reading