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WHAT WE RECKON: A new song for Freo? Plz.

A special public plea in an out-of-sessions edition of What We Reckon: The Chops At Home Guide to AFL Club Songs.

It has been expressly requested that I put together a few words regarding the Fremantle Football Club’s proposal to give the club song the ol’ heave ho and perhaps bring in an alternative. Continue reading

What we reckon: Part 15 in a series (Sydney Swans)

What Chops reckons:

I haven’t ever heard the Sydney song , so while I ruminate over its worth, I will offer a review of Brett Kirk.

Dear Brett,

I have to admit, Brett, I had dismissed you as a bit of a tanned Sydney deadshit until I was recently sitting at home in my glorious mustard velvet armchair, passively watching telly with my housemate and her mum, when we stumbled across Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey on the ABC. My housemate is nursing a broken shoulder from an acquired ice-skating date injury, so she knows what it is like to suffer from the pain of professional athleticism. Continue reading

What we reckon: Part 14 in a series (St Kilda Football Club)

What Chops reckons:

Soz everyone but I hate St Kilda. I have always wondered why I’m not fond of them and was never really able to work it out. Imagine how delighted I when my suspicions were abundantly confirmed that one time we all got to see Riewoldt’s doodle.* A sad day for him but at least I felt vindicated. Continue reading


What we reckon: Part 13 in a series (Richmond Tigers Football Club)

Friends, I am very touched that so many of you have contacted me to see how I am coping with the fallout from the bloody coup in which Mark Harvey was ruthlessly assassinated last week. Much has been said about this event, a dark day in Fremantle’s club history. All I can say is this: it is indicative of my grief that I was too upset to leave my bedroom and watch the Footy Show.

I don’t have anything against Ross Lyon per se (apart from the fact that he always looks so sad.)

I just really really like Mark Harvey. I thought he did a good job this year despite the club being wracked with injuries. He gave heaps of kids a run on the paddock and built a solid list for future success. I think it was pretty short-sighted, not to mention entirely devoid of integrity, for the Board to sack Harvey under such circumstances.

Furthermore, if people cared about premierships above all else they probably wouldn’t support the Dockers. There. I said it.

SEGUE: And if you too don’t care about premierships, then you may be interested in the latest installment of What We Reckon: the Richmond Football Club. Continue reading

What we reckon: Part 12 in a series (Port Adelaide Power)

Ripper weekend of footy everyone! Quite enjoyed watching the Geelong/Hawthorn game on Friday. Additionally, it was great to see the Eagles get beaten, and nice work Collingwood supporters on maintaining your reputation for being racist idiots. Just like Nicky Winmar all over again. In a tumultuous world, one comes to appreciate that upon which one can rely.

Right, Port. (The team, not the beverage.) Continue reading

What we reckon: Part 10 in a series (Melbourne Demons)

What Chops reckons:

I am so tempted to give the Demons a meagre 3/10 out of spite, due to the fact that k described the Fremantle song as (and I quote), “straight up retarded”.

But I couldn’t do that because I don’t mind Melbourne at all. I know four Melbourne fans and they are all super super nice salt-of-the-earth types. And above all things, the Dees fans just love their club despite their fairly average history.

Also my friend’s brother used to play for Melbourne and I once met him at a You Am I gig, and he asked me if I wanted to go out on King St afterwards. I said no, but it was still nice to be asked. Continue reading

What we reckon: Part 9 in a series (Hawthorn Hawks)

What Chops reckons:

Hawthorn shit me.

This one time, me and a bunch of ladyfriends (mainly Dockers supporters, with an errant Hawk and a one-eyed Pie in our number) decided to have a girls’ weekend down in Launceston (hereafter referred to as LOLceston) and watch the mighty Freo Dockers take on the Poo and Wees. We figured it would be a laugh. Continue reading

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What we reckon: Part 8 in a series (Gold Coast Suns)

What Chops reckons: 

I can’t bring myself to care about this. I hate Gary Gary Junior. And I haven’t even heard the GCS song because they have only won, like, a tiny handful of games, and I can’t even be arsed Googling it to get the stats right. Continue reading

What we reckon: Part 7 in a series (Geelong Cats)

OK GEELONG. This week, we talk GFC with J&K from Miss Soft Crab! Readers, Miss Soft Crab is hysterical. It is at once hilarious and profound. And it just so happens than MSC contributor J is bang-up for the Catters. Ergo, she is providing special comments atop K’s special comments.

Ms Chops and the Misses Crab. Just like a surf’n’turf! Continue reading

What we reckon: Part 6 in a series (the mighty Freo Dockers)

What chops reckons: 

Straight off the bat I should disclose to all and/or sundry that I am a purple person: a proud, loyal, passionate supporter of the Fremantle Football Club. I haven’t always been this way (see my teen Kouta lust, for shame) but these days I toe the Chops family line.

There are so many things to love about Fremantle, but above almost all others (future husband Kepler Bradley* notwithstanding) I especially love the Fremantle song.   Continue reading